Where were we..

Rome Map

We will update our position and route to Rome whenever we get internet access. I though we could use this page to list places and establishments that we slept in.

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Walking day:

Vercelli. Hotel Valsesia. €55. Clean and warm and pretty old fashioned.
Robbio. Polizia locale. Free. Difficult to describe sleeping in an old warm police office.
Mortara. Albergo down alley near main church. €50. Good standard, good food.
Madonna della Bozzolo. Hotel Marguerite. €60 B&B. Next to the Sanctuario.
Pavia City. Hotel Aurora. €90 B&B. Ran foul of no church accommodation being open.
Belgioioso. Hotel Locanda. €50 B&B. Excellent meal in Hotel Cavaliere.
Orio Litta. Cascina San Pietro. Free. Lovely civic hospitality. Still no church facilities.
Piecenza. Three nights B&B Central. €75 €65 €65. 2 sweet establishments.
Costamezzana. Community pilgrim hostel. €32. Much needed hot water and heating.
Fornovo. Church hostel. Chilly and grubby. Free.
Cassio. Private hostel room. €42. Warm despite altitude.
Pontremoli. Cappuchin monastery. €25 donation per night.
Villafranca. Albergo Manganelli. €100 including great evening meal and breakfast. Great place.
Lucca. Albergo Diana. €75 B&B.
Altopascio. Parish accommodation. Free. In a sports and arts centre.
San Miniato. San Franscesco monastery. €50. Great accommodation.

Santiago Map

This is the track of our pilgrimage to Santiago in 2013. Sorry didn’t map the last few days.


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