Philip, certainly not a depressive.

Today I have been plugged into blue grass, moby, bakermat and some music from Adams playlist. My ears are still buzzing, every time I looked up the same thin cream path, same shaven fields, the only option was to turn up the volume and watch the tiny stones a metre ahead getting closer. Never mind Paul's nuns what I want is a horse. I can see myself as a sort of El Cid, or maybe a female Clint Eastwood galloping along past all these weary peregrinos, yee ha………. What I didn't hear as the music swelled to epic volumes were the twanging bicycle bells as three riders charged past chewing up those kms. Before the dust had blown away they had crossed the event horizon.

Another big preoccupation is food. Today I made a fresh red cabbage salad with pine nuts , lemon juice and coriander along with a koftas and lightly fried rice………. but i know it will all evaporate to be replaced with another another ensalada mixta, some anaemic floppy asparagus and the inevitable flattened meat!. What are you eating?……. Do tell me….. So I can salivate vicariously.

So , I'm sipping my beer, watching a giant sunflower harvesting machine scrunching by, the massive engines throbbing at the same rate as my pulsating feet. Off to scrutinise the menu for minute variations.


Author: paul

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