Sore feet

Paul has been asking me how many sore bits I have, I can't think why he wants to know- it's not as if I would ever go on about ailments. But I am aching and swelling in about five regions including of course, feet. Giant blisters have erupted and we have walked for only two days. Meanwhile Paul is gliding on his amazing new footwear like Jesus on water, and he doesn't have a single sore bit!

This region around Milan is flat, if I turn to the north I can see the Alps disappearing in the haze. But apart from that there are miles of finely tilled fields with manicured ditches waiting to fill up. The whole area is an enormous rice paddy, in the summer it will feel like a sauna with mosquitos. I'm glad we're walking now in spring.

No other pilgrims around, the last one to pass through police station last night left in February. Only us and the herons.


Author: Ellen Watson

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  1. Ouch. Day 2 and you have not done any climbs yet!?

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  2. Good to follow you. Hope the feet don’t break down. Very wet and windy here. Keep marching and musing. Kx

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